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TE URUROA FLAVELL. Maori Party co-leader. Labour’s unilateral decision to deny hapu, iwi and Maori of their rights and interests to water should be a stark reminder to our people that history will repeat itself under a Labour-led Govt.

DAVID PARKER. Labour water spokesperson. If the farmers are ... saying, “Look, we, having caused the problem, we’re not willing to make a contribution to that effort.” Really, what would that say about them as a sector?

ANDREW CURTIS. IrrigationNZ CEO. Labour is clear money from this tax will not be used to fund urban waterway improvements so will the tax result in improvements where they are most needed?

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21 August 2017

  • This Week... Rural regions have been roused from their electoral somnolence by Labour’s plan to hit farmers for water use. Farm lobbyists have sprung into action attacking the plan.
  • How Labour's plan will affect Maori voters could be crucial to the election result. If Labour is asserting Crown ownership, it could drive those iwi who have special interests in water toward the Maori Party.
  • IrrigationNZ is challenging Labour’s plan after an analysis of water quality data showed rivers in areas with irrigation are more swimmable than elsewhere. CEO Andrew Curtis says Labour is clear money from this tax will not be used to fund urban waterway improvements so will the tax result in improvements where they are most needed?
  • And Labour water spokesperson David Parker says critics who say the water tax will make produce prices prohibitively expensive are scaremongering. Parker insists all NZers have the birthright to swim in rivers without getting sick if they dive under the surface.

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